TDEC Awarded Large Scale Scanning Contract with NHLBI

Bethesda, MD, May 18, 2017 – TDEC has been awarded an 18-month contract to digitize a collection of up to 1.7 million pages for the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

NHLBI’s off-campus site is moving to new office space at the end of 2017. In preparation, NHLBI is reducing physical file storage space by converting paper records into an electronic format and uploading them into centralized electronic document repositories. TDEC is preparing the records for conversion as well as scanning and uploading the files. NHLBI estimates the entire project to convert records to electronic form will entail between 1.4 -1.7 million physical pieces of paper across 15-20 functional offices.

The scanning is being performed in two phases. In the first phase, TDEC is scanning documents at NHLBI’s off campus location. Our Project Manager meets with each of the offices to review what needs to be scanned and set the scanning and indexing requirements. TDEC retrieves the collection and transports it to the production room. There each document is scanned according to each offices requirements. In order to meet the December 31, 2017 scanning deadline, TDEC will scan 5,300 pages each day.\

In Phase 2, TDEC will move the production facilities to the new office space.

“We created an approach that enables NHLBI achieve its scanning timeline while still meeting exceptional accuracy levels,” says R. Dennis DuFour, TDEC President. “We do this better than any other vendor and are excited to help NHLBI through this transition.”

The contract was awarded through GSA Schedule 36 – The Office, Imaging & Document Solution, which allows Federal and State customers to obtain document conversion services in a shorter procurement cycle with pre-approved vendors.

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R. Dennis DuFour
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May 18, 2017