3 Proposed Changes to NARA in Phase II of Managing Government Records Directive

Having completed Phase I, NARA is proposing to launch Phase II of its revision to the way in which it manages records, specifically how it manages records of executive actions, statutory changes, advances in technology, and organizational changes. NARA’s proposal, which is in three areas, is as follows:

1. Part 1235, Transfer of Records to the National Archives of the United States

NARA is proposing that agencies be required “to review their historical records and remove any restrictions that no longer apply at time of transfer; provide additional information on any access and use restrictions that must remain; and identify classified records.” In addition, NARA proposes “moving the transfer specifications and standards for permanent analog and digital audiovisual, cartographic, and related records to Part 1237, Audiovisual, Cartographic, and Related Records.” NARA also proposes “to update our online transfer guidance to address electronic records and their formats and adding references to that guidance in the regulations so users can quickly access the latest updates.”

2. Part 1236, Electronic Records Management

NARA is proposing “provisions to reflect the 2014 FRA Amendments, a new section with Federal electronic messaging requirements, standards for internet message formats, new definitions for electronic messages and messaging accounts, and a requirement to associate proper names with email accounts.”

3. Part 1237, Audiovisual, Cartographic, and Related Records Management

As discussed in Part 1235, above, NARA is proposing to expand and update “the audiovisual records management provisions in the existing part 1237 by removing the transfer specifications and requirements for permanent audiovisual, cartographic, and related records from part 1235 and merging these into § 1237.12, which prescribes the records elements agencies must create, preserve, and transfer with both analog and digital audiovisual, cartographic, and related records.”

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Dennis DuFour

President, TDEC
October 4, 2016