Thank you for your interest in TDEC.

Welcome to TDEC’s Aptitude Testing.  The next step in your application process is to complete the Typing and Aptitude Tests.  These scores will be used to further evaluate your application with TDEC.  If you have any questions, please ask. The typing test will provide the timing BUT you will need to time the two aptitude tests yourself.  A TDEC representative will contact you after receipt of your typing test printscreen and review of your aptitude test results.

Be sure to read the instructions in full for each test before taking the test.

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Aptitude Test – Part 1
Aptitude Test – Part 2


To access the typing test – click on this website & select the free typing test option.  To practice, select Test #26.  To take the actual test, select Test #27.  Upon completion of test #27, email a screen print of the results to


There are two parts to this aptitude test. The goal is to complete as many as possible with as few errors per each section within the time allotted. You can see samples of each test below.

Part 1
Total Questions: 80
Amount of Time: 8 minutes
Directions: In the KEY, each letter is indicated by a number (see sample below). Each line has 4 letters (example: ESNA), click the checkboxes that correspond with the 4 numbers that go with the 4 letters (example: 1349).  If there is a duplicate letter among the 4 letters, there may only be 3 numbers checked.  For example, the answer for “KASK” would be 294 because the letter K is repeated. Review the sample test below.

When you’re READY to take the test (Part 1), click here.



Part 2
Total Questions: 150
Amount of Time: 6 minutes
Directions: In each line below, there is a pair of names. If the two names are exactly the same, choose “S.” If they are different, choose “D.” Review the sample test below.

When you’re READY to take the test (Part 2), click here.